Comprehensive Eye Exam

Be sure that your eyes are healthy

Visiting an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye examination is the only way to really be sure that your eyes are healthy. It all starts with a thorough case history of your ocular and medical health including any medications you are taking (many have potential side effects to the eyes).

Your comprehensive eye exam includes: Visual acuity and entrance testing (eye alignment, pupils), the determination of your glasses prescription, examination of your ocular health (tonometry, dilation), retinal images, and an iWellness scan. The iWellness scan uses the latest technology (optical coherence tomography/OCT) to non-invasively and safely take 3-D scans of the internal structures of your eyes.

During your exam, each eye is closely inspected for signs of common vision problems and eye diseases, many of which may have no early warning signs or symptoms. Based on these findings, your Optometrist will determine a treatment and management plan that is individualized and customized to your vision and eye health needs.

Our standard eye examination includes all the components of a comprehensive eye exam without the iWellness scan.

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