In alignment with our VISION to provide the most innovative, proven, and precise technology, products, and eyewear, this page is dedicated to providing our patients and customers with the latest and most effective products and information for our eyes’ various needs.

  • MiyoSmart lens

    MiyoSmart lens UTEC is pleased to announce that the latest in myopia management spectacle lens therapy has launched with the new MiyoSmart lens. All the Optometrists at UTEC are certified to prescribe, treat, and manage this lens as well as other myopia control measures. Ask any of our doctors at your next visit about the latest advancements as this technology provides additional options in the continued treatments against myopic progression. Click on the logo for more information.

  • Medmont Meridia Topographer


    UTEC is excited to announce the latest upgrade in topography instrumentation in the Medmont Meridia Topographer. In addition to aiding in specialty contact lens (scleral lenses/ Orthokeratology) and dry eye management, additional features of this latest upgrade include:

    • Fluorescein imaging and video
    • Anterior segment imaging and video
    • Meibography imaging for dry eye disease

  • Orthokeratology

    esel Orthokeratology (Ortho-K/OK) lenses are a form or corneal reshaping that allows patients to be free of glasses and contact lenses during waking hours. It is a safe, non-surgical, non-invasive and reversible alternative to glasses/contact lenses/surgery for kids and adults alike. It is also utilized in the therapeutic management of myopia control/progression.

    At UTEC, we take a step by step approach to custom design, fit, and manage patients of all ages with ortho-K lenses. Call to book your consultation or appointment today to discover its therapeutic and lifestyle benefits.

  • Effects of Electronic Screens on Children’s Vision and Recommendations for Safe Use

    The prevalence of electronic screen-related ocular symptoms is estimated as high as 50–90% in adult electronic screen users. Due to a lack of scientific literature in the area, the corresponding statistic is not known for children. Children’s use of electronic screens, however, has become more commonplace (home and school), begins earlier in childhood than in the past, and can last for long periods of time.

    Download the document.
    Screen Time Position


    eselUpper Thornhill Eye Clinic is pleased to offer the Eye See...Eye Learn® program, which provides comprehensive eye exams by our doctors to junior kindergarten students in participating school regions. The eye exams are covered under provincial health insurance (OHIP) and if the child requires a pair of glasses, they will receive a free pair of glasses and lenses through the ESEL program from Upper Thornhill Eye Clinic.

  • Vivid Vision

    Upper Thornhill Eye Clinic is excited to now offer the Vivid Vision platform of vision therapy training. Vivid Vision uses virtual reality headsets to treat binocular vision issues like amblyopia, strabismus, and convergene insufficiency. Eligible patients can now play exciting virtual reality games instead of using an eye patch or a brock string.

    Vivid Vision

    Product Overview

    • For amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency
    • Designed for all ages
    • Use at home or in the clinic
    • Supports Vive, Rift, GearVR, and Daydream
    • Interactive and exciting exercises and tests

    For more information, visit Vision Therapy tab under SERVICES or

  • Mibo Thermoflo

    There’s a new treatment for dry eyes and Upper Thornhill Eye Clinic is pleased to be the 1st clinic in the province of Ontario to offer in-office treatments with Mibo Thermoflo.

    Mibo Thermoflo

    If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you may be a good candidate for this treatment.

    • Chronic Dry Eye
    • Difficulty wearing contact lenses for long periods
    • Dryness/Discomfort and irritation
    • Grittiness or feeling of a foreign body in the eye
    • Burning or stinging sensation
    • Redness/Tearing/Discharge
    • Tiredness/Itching
    • Vision disturbance/Fluctuating Vision
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Eye fatigue from computer use
    • Symptoms worsen later in the day
    • Difficulty reading, using a computer and or driving

    How does the MiBoFlo or “Meibomian Duct Therapy” treat MGD/Dry Eye?

    The MiBoFlo Thermoflo® is a new therapeutic device for the treatment of dry eye by employing a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump designed to liquefy hardened oil secretions and improve meibomian glandular function. MiBo treatment keeps your tears from evaporating between blinks by allowing the oily component from the meibomian gland to cover the entire tear film.

    For more information, please contact our office or visit Dry Eye Treatments under THE UTEC STANDARD tab.

  • PRN Omega 3 supplements

    UTEC now carries PRN Omega 3 supplements for evaporative dry eye disease.

    PRN Omega 3 supplements PRN Omega 3 supplements

  • Nikon SeeMax Emblematic

    Nikon SeeMax Emblematic is the result of 100 years of consistent investment in R & D. It is the most sophisticated and advanced progressive lens offered by Nikon today.


    • Visual fields that are instantly clear, crisp and sharp regardless of gazing angle
    • Immediate and lasting comfort in all conditions
    • Swim effect is remarkably minimized
    • Precise vision even when in motion
    • Stable vision whatever the activity
    • Difficulty reading, using a computer and or driving
    Nikon SeeMax Emblematic

  • Scleral contact lens services

    UTEC is pleased to provide Scleral contact lens services. These specialty contact lenses are made-to-measure for individual patients and benefit conditions involving irregular corneas, high refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism), keratoconus, severe dry eye disease, or people who are unable to wear other forms of correction (regular contact lenses or glasses). For more information on scleral lenses, please click on the scleral lens image or visit the Contact Lens Exams tab under Services.

    Scleral contact lens services

  • Anterior Segment Imaging (ASI) services

    In an effort to continue providing the latest in up-to-date technological advancements, UTEC is excited to offer Anterior Segment Imaging (ASI) services. ASI enables photographic images and video to be taken of the front surface of the eye and orbit. This is useful in monitoring conditions that may affect the anterior segment structures of the eyes. It is also clinically useful in monitoring and tracking certain eye conditions. We are excited to utilize and offer this technology to provide the best in patient care services.

  • Ontario Associaton of Optometrists awareness campaign

    The Ontario Associaton of Optometrists has recently launched a public awareness campaign focusing of the effects of digital eyestrain. Patients continue to ask us about the impact of TV, computers, tablets, and mobile devices on their eyes and how they can protect themselves and their families from any potential harm. Take a minute of your time to view the 3 part series of videos below and ask about blue filter lenses at your next visit. More information on blue filters can be found below the videos:

  • SeeCoat Blue

    Nowadays, we spend more time using a wide variety of digital devices to work, learn and be entertained. Recent digital screens are often equipped with powerful light source such as LED. These digital screens emit intense blue light and can cause eye strain after long exposure. SeeCoat Blue provides a solution to such stressful conditions. SeeCoat Blue enhances contrast by reducing unwanted blue light. Click on the logo or visit our Lenses Technology in the EYE WEAR section for more information.

    SeeCoat Blue

    Four Key Benefits:

    • High Contrast (Blue light cut/Optimized transparency)
    • Tough (2 times more scratch resistant/Longer lens durability)
    • Dust Free (Avoids dust accumulation on the lens/Reduces the frequency of lens cleaning)
    • Cleaner (Easier to clean and keep clean/Smudge-resistant)

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