• High Defenition OCT

    Optical Coherence Tomography technology has been cited as the most significant advancement in eyecare during the last decade. This technology enables doctors to better detect and manage patients with ocular diseases by showing tissue structure at a microscopic level. OCT utilized in ocular examinations can effectively catch subtle and early cases of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, epiretinal membranes, and macular holes.

    UTEC utilizes an OCT containing the largest and most comprehensive normative database in the world and is FDA approved. It uses long wavelength light to process detailed images of the external and internal structures of the eye and can generate a live 3-D image of the ocular tissues in real time. It is similar to ultrasound imaging, except that it uses light thus making the assessment quick and safe, and allows our patients to have the utmost detailed and thorough examinations.

    We are thrilled to offer this cutting-edge technology at our office. Our doctors and staff will be more than happy to explain the needs and benefits to you. Book an appointment to experience the latest in eyecare technology available!

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    How Does Fundus Photography Work?

    Fundus photography utilizes safe visible light from a camera flash to obtain images of the back of the eye. It is used to inspect conditions associated to diseases that affect the eye and monitor the progression of ocular diseases. It is an effective tool to evaluate for eye diseases such as macular degeneration, retinal and choroidal pathologies, diabetic retinopathy, and optic nerve diseases.


    • Observes a large retinal field at any one time.
    • Dilation not always required
    • Non-invasive
    • High patient compliance
    • Images can be saved and compared for serial analysis over time, allowing for better management plans
    • Different filters and options are available to allow for different types of imaging.
  • Fundus Camera

    Topography enables the most accurate and thorough evaluations of the cornea that aid in specialty contact lens fitting (RPG, Sclerals) as well as dry eye assessment (non-invasive tear film assessment, meibography). In addition, topography is utilized to customize ortho-keratology contact lens fitting for myopia control and management. UTEC offers this technology and service for a multitude of consultations.


    • aids in thorough assessment for corneal diseases/dystrophies/degenerations including keratoconus.
    • utilized to customize and fit all types of contacts lenses (soft, RGP, sclera, ortho-K) more accurately. This reduces patient visits.
    • evaluates the tear film for ocular surface diseases including dry eyes and streamlines the diagnosis, treatment, and management of dry eye disease.
  • Fundus Camera
  • Automated Refraction System

    UTEC is excited to offer the latest technological advances in eye care.

    Experience the latest and most accurate prescription determination available with the automated phoropter. This technology provides the ease of seamless examinations with accurate operation and consistent results. It is fully integrated with our automated refractor/keratometer and lensometer units.

    An automated refraction is quick and painless.

    Some advantages of automated refraction systems are:

    • more automation of repetitive and iterative tasks in the refraction
    • ability to quickly compare and validate multiple prescriptions with the touch of a button
    • reduced risk of human error
    • direct transmission of results to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
    • improved office efficiency
    • accurate end point determination enabling the doctor to determine and customize the most accurate prescription for individual patients.

    BOOK your appointment today and experience the next generation of seamless spectacle prescription determination!

  • Automated Phoropter
  • Humphrey Automated Visual Field

    A visual field test measures an individual’s entire scope of vision including central and peripheral (side) vision. Conditions and diseases that may affect the visual field of the eye include:

    • Glaucoma
    • Macular Degeneration
    • Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Thyroid Disease
    • Pituitary Gland Disorders
    • Stroke
    • Lid Droop (Ptosis)
    • Medications (e.g. Plaquenil)
    • Brain Tumours
    • Optic Nerve Diseases
    • Headaches

    Our Humphrey visual field instrument utilizes the most up-to-date software and hardware to detect for ocular related diseases. It is also approved and accepted by the Ministry of Transportation for legal driving requirements in Ontario.

  • Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field
  • Anterior Segment Imaging

    Anterior Segment Imaging (ASI) enables photographic images and videos to be taken of the ocular adnexa including the orbit, eyebrows, eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, and iris.

    This is useful in monitoring conditions that may affect the anterior segment structures of the eyes. It is also clinically useful in monitoring and tracking healing when dealing with injuries or trauma to the front of the eye. It can also be used as an educational tool for patients in addressing common conditions such as dry eye and ocular surface disease.

    We are excited to utilize this technology to provide the best in patient care services.

  • Anterior Segment Imaging
  • Vivid Vision

    Upper Thornhill Eye Clinic is excited to now offer the Vivid Vision platform of vision therapy training. Vivid Vision uses virtual reality headsets to treat binocular vision issues like amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. Eligible patients can now play exciting virtual reality games instead of using an eye patch or a brock string.

    Product Overview

    • For amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency
    • Designed for all ages
    • Use at home or in the clinic
    • Supports Vive, Rift, GearVR, and Daydream
    • Interactive and exciting exercises and tests

    For more information, visit Vision Therapy tab under SERVICES or

  • MIBO Thermoflow

    How Does Mibo Thermoflo Work?

    The MiBo Thermoflo is a therapeutic medical device providing a safe and effective alternative therapy for dry eyes, specifically Meibomian gland dysfunction. It uses a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump to help maximize liquefaction of meibum, thus improving preservation and function of the evaporative component of the tear film. It may also be used on styes that have not resolved by traditional warm compresses alone.

    Thermo Electric Heating

    The Mibo Thermoflo supplies continuous controlled heat to the outer skin of the eyelids along with ultrasound gel for a gentle therpeutic massage. The heat is absorbed deep into the tissue and breaks down the hardened lipids in the Meibomian glands. With a customized and prescribed therapy regimen, the ducts of the Meibomian glands will secrete thinner and clearer lipids which will allow for a healthier tear film.


    • Therapeutic
    • Lasting Benefits
    • Relaxing
    • Immediate Relief
    • Repeatable

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